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Chronic Conditions Self-Management

Benefits of self-management

For many people, being involved in managing their chronic condition helps them feel stronger and more in control of their health. 

Research has also shown that people with chronic conditions who choose to take control with good self-management skills have less pain, are more active, and are better able to enjoy family, friends and favourite activities.  

Research has also demonstrated that self-management of chronic conditions can improve clinical health outcomes as well as reduce unnecessary health service use.

The benefits of self-management and examples of each benefit are summarised as:

  • client benefits: quality of life, ability to attend school/ go to work, and self-confidence.
  • health benefits: related to depression, blood pressure, haemoglobin levels, pain, and use of medication.
  • health service benefits: planned and emergency visits to emergency departments or general practitioners, and cost of health care.


Consumer quotes

“My life has changed considerably for the better. Before, I felt there was nothing that could be done to improve my mental and physical state, I definitely felt I was on the 'slippery side' to total incapacitation. I recommend that anyone who is eligible for the [self-management service] attends without hesitation."

"I was really surprised to get so much out of the [self-management] course. The knowledge I gained from the workshop has enabled me to take more control of my life by providing me with the skills to better self-manage my condition.”


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